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Deathwave TV has officially launched!

News  |  October 31, 2016

After almost a decade and a half spent recording concerts with no purpose, Deathwave TV has finally materialized.

Vertical Orientation is Shit

In an era where HD video cameras exist on smartphones inside the pockets of almost every concert goer, ironically, the quality of video documentation has gone down. Short snippets with neither context nor care for longevity are uploaded by the thousands every day, serving as terrible but permanent representations of the artists and their work that’s captured. In a strictly DIY fashion, we aim to bring quality cinematography and conscious production value to the otherwise lo-fidelity world of independent music and culture that’s occurring in basements, bars, and abandoned buildings all across the world.

Organizing Chaos

Admittedly, much of our current corpus is older content. Since the idea of creating a platform to document & distribute these videos was established, it’s been a long and arduous process figuring out how to cohesively organize and most logically present what will inevitably become a massive archive of media. After a hard drive failure in which 15 concerts were lost, the project was put on hold to gain a fresh perspective and make peace with the loss of such a large collection.

However, the allure of art is forever seductive, and we couldn’t stay away for long…

The Interface

There are almost assuredly some bugs and digital phantoms still remaining throughout the code, but we ask for your patience while we clean things up, and encourage you to CONTACT US with any issues you have while using the site. Have an idea for a feature, section, widget, gizmo, etc that you think we should add? Let us know!

Helping Hands

Interested in being a part of the Deathwave TV crew? Have an idea for a unique series that could premiere on Deathwave TV?

We’re looking for videographers and video artists to film concerts and curated content in different locales, as well as folks who might be interested in conducting interviews and other “in front of the camera” roles. CONTACT US if that sounds like something you might be into.